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Atelier d’économie de l’environnement et des ressources naturelles de Montréal

Lieu : UQAM, Pavillon J.-A.-DeSève
320, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, salle DS-5650

Heure : 9:00
– 12:00 

Louis Hotte
(University of Ottawa)

Foreign Conflicts and OECD Fish Catches (avec Maral Kichian (Université d’Ottawa))

ABSTRACT : We investigate whether the presence of conflict in foreign countries affects fish catches in OECD countries. We make use of country-level data on fish catches dating back to the 1950s, combined with conflict data. Our work is inspired by Hendrix and Glaser (2011) who have obtained that a country’s maritime fish catches tend to decrease when there is a conflict onset within the same country. Our results indicate that there may be a significant diversion effect. The analysis seeks to better inform policy-making devoted to the sustainable management of world fisheries.

Keywords : fisheries, conflict, illegal fishing


Gerard van der Meijden (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
An Oligopoly-Fringe Non-renewable Resource Game in the Presence of a Renewable Substitute

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