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2023 CIREQ Macroeconomics Conference: Innovation and the Future of the Labor Market

This conference combines recent studies on the causes and consequences of technological change for the labor market, with a focus on structural reallocation, optimal innovation, and the impact of innovation on firm dynamics. 

Conference Venue

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Hôtel de l’ITHQ
3535, rue Saint-Denis, 6th floor
Montréal (Québec) H2X 3P1
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Keynote Speaker

Leonid Kogan
MIT, Sloan School of Management


Salomé Baslandze
Economics, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Julieta Caunedo
Economics, Cornell University

Matthias Kehrig
Economics, Duke University

Danial Lashkari
Research and Statistics, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Huiyu Li
Economics, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Nathan Zorzi
Economics, Dartmouth College

The final program is available here.

This event is free and is open to anyone interested in the topic.
Due to limited seating, registration is required.

The deadline to register is September 25 at noon.

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