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Financial Support for CIREQ Students Taking Part in Conferences

Students associated with CIREQ who have been accepted to present a paper at a scientific conference can benefit from financial assistance. This financing is granted on the basis of merit and covers 50% of travelling expenses (transportation and subsistence expenses) up to $500. Supplementary financing could be provided by the student’s research supervisor. CIREQ finances a maximum of $500 per student, per year.


Admissibility criteria :
  • to be a master’s or doctoral student;
  • to be directed by a CIREQ researcher.
Selection criteria :
  • quality of the paper presented;
  • quality of the conference.
The request must include the following information :
  • the title of the paper;
  • a copy of the paper presented;
  • an updated curriculum vitae;
  • the name of your research supervisor;
  • a cost estimate.

 The financial request must be sent to Mélanie Chartrand at CIREQ one month before the conference.

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