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Applied Microeconomics Workshop

Fabian Lange (McGill University, CIRANO and CIREQ) will lead a workshop on Applied Microeconomics at CIRANO, 1130 Sherbrooke Street West, #1400, on November 25. There will be five presentations of one hour each (titles are tentative) that will start at 9:30 am.


Christian Belzil, CIRANO, Ecole Polytechnique (France) et ENSAE
Estimating the Value of Higher Education Financial Aid : Evidence from a Field Experiment
Wladimir Zanoni, University of Chicago et Harris School of Public Policy
Do Early School Absences Affect High School Outcomes?
Muhammed Farhan Majid, McGill University
War and the Stock of Human Capital
Kris Behrens, ESG, UQAM
The Determinants of Agglomeration : Evidence from Functional Employment Patterns
Laura Lasio, McGill University,CIREQ
Delisting of Pharmaceuticals from Insurance Coverage: Effects on Consumption, Pricing and Expenditures in France


L’inscription est gratuite, mais obligatoire. Un lunch sera offert.

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