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Program 2019: Environment and Resource Economics Workshop

Joint with : the economics departments of the universities of MontréalQuébec at MontréalMcGill and HEC Montréal

Organizers : Hassan Benchekroun (McGill U.), Robert Cairns (McGill U.), Gérard Gaudet (U. de Montréal), Justin Leroux (HEC Montréal), Ngo Van Long (McGill U.), Martino Pelli (U. de Sherbrooke) and Charles Séguin (UQAM)

Location : UQAM, Pavillon des Sciences de la Gestion, 315, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, room R-3610

Time : 9:00 – 12:00

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11 September 2019*

Geir Asheim (University of Oslo)
The Case for a Supply-Side Climate Treaty

* N.B. : Exceptionally on Wednesday, 10h30, 3150, rue Jean-Brillant, Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, room C-6070-9


27 September 2019

Étienne Billette de Villemeur (Université de Lille)
Bio-energy in an Unequal World : Preliminary Thoughts

Nikolai Cook (Université d’Ottawa)
Brain Freeze : Outdoor Cold and Indoor Cognitive Performance


18 October 2019

Mabel Tidball (Center for Environmental Economics – Montpellier, Univ. Montpellier, CNRS, INRA, SupAgro, France)
On the Modelling and Testing of Groundwater Resource Models (avec M. Djiguemde, D. Dubois, A. Sauquet, M. Tidball)

Abstract : The optimal management of Common Pool resources (CPRs) remains a major concern. This study, through a laboratory experiment tries to analyze the behavior of farmers exploiting a renewable resource assumed to be a groundwater. Water extraction is the only input in farmers’ production processes and the dynamics is given by the evolution of groundwater level. In the model, an externality is introduced through extraction costs which depend negatively on the level of the groundwater. We run the study in continuous time and infinite horizon first with a single farmer, and then with multiple farmers, in order to see which type of behavior between myopic, social optimum and feedback, they will exhibit. The results suggest low myopic behavior contrary to the literature and potential cooperation among optimal agents. Through the analysis, we propose several methodological contributions, notably the empirical identification of agent’s type.

Rémi Morin Chassé (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
One Fish, Two Fish, No Fish: Fish Stock as Self-Insurance in Face of Catastrophic Risk


1 November 2019

Stephen Salant (University of Michigan)
Arbitrage Deterrence : A Theory of International Drug Pricing (update 2021-01-03)
Reducing Drug Prices without Depressing Innovation (original presentation)

Nic Rivers (University of Ottawa)
Visualizing Energy Efficiency : A Randomized Controlled Intervention


15 November 2019 – CANCELLED

Katalin Springel (Georgetown University)
Pass-Through and Welfare Effects of Regulations That Affect Product Attributes

Markus Hermann (Université Laval)


29 November 2019 – Special Workshop

REGISTRATION (free but required – deadline : November 24, 2019) : The registration period is now closed.
PROGRAM (complete) : https://cireqmontreal.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/MTLENVRESworkshop2019.pdf


13 December 2019

* This workshop will exceptionally begin at 10:30.

Katherine Wagner (Yale University)
Adaptation and Adverse Selection in Markets for Natural Disaster Insurance

Eduardo Gonzalo Agurto Catalan (UQAM)

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