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Montréal Environment and Resource Economics Workshop

Location : UQAM, Pavillon J.-A.-DeSève
320, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, room DS-5650

Time : 9:00 – 12:00 

Catie Hausman (University of Michigan)
Shock Value : Bill Smoothing and Energy Price Pass-Through

ABSTRACT : Energy prices are volatile, affect every consumer and industry in the economy, and are impacted by regulations including gas taxes and carbon pricing. Like the pass-through literature in general, the growing energy pass-through literature focuses on marginal prices. However, multi-part pricing is common in energy retail pricing. I examine the retail natural gas market, showing that while marginal prices exhibit full or nearly full pass-through, fixed fees exhibit negative pass-through. This is consistent with the stated desire by utilities and regulators to prevent “bill shock.” I discuss implications for pass-through estimation and for proposed alternative pricing structures for regulated utilities.

Damon Matthews (Concordia University)
A Scientific Case for Ambitious Climate Action

ABSTRACT : Given the recent resurgence of climate skepticism and denial south of the border, it is more important than ever to clearly articulate the scientific evidence that supports the need to decarbonize the global energy economy. In this presentation, I will outline the state of this evidence, beginning with the scientific foundation of global warming, and moving through some of the current challenges and uncertainties in the field of climate science. I will conclude by touching on my own research, which can be used to inform what level of emissions reductions would be consistent with maintaining global warming “well below 2°C” above pre-industrial temperatures, the climate target that the world has adopted under the 2015 Paris Agreement.


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