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Montréal Environment and Resource Economics Workshop

Joint with : the economics departments of the universities of Montréal, Québec at MontréalMcGill and HEC Montréal

Organizers : Hassan Benchekroun (McGill U.), Sophie Bernard (Polytechnique Montréal), Robert Cairns (McGill U.), Justin Leroux (HEC Montréal), Ngo Van Long (McGill U.), Martino Pelli (U. de Sherbrooke) and Charles Séguin (UQAM)

Time : 10:00 – 13:00 

Virtual Workshop : Please contact sophie.bernard@polymtl.ca or justin.leroux@hec.ca if you would like access.



Étienne Billette de Villemeur (Université de Lille)
Climate Risks through a Markov Lens

Martino Pelli (Université de Sherbrooke)
Wildfires, Smoky Days, and Labor Supply (avec Ron Chan et Veronica Vienne)


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