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Montréal Environment and Resource Economics Workshop

Joint with : the economics departments of the universities of Montréal, Québec at MontréalMcGill and HEC Montréal

Organizers : Hassan Benchekroun (McGill U.), Sophie Bernard (Polytechnique Montréal), Robert Cairns (McGill U.), Justin Leroux (HEC Montréal), Martino Pelli (U. de Sherbrooke) and Charles Séguin (UQAM)

The Workshop will be held virtually. Please contact Martino Pelli or Charles Séguin for Zoom login information.



Moubarak Moundou Megna (Université Laval)
Innovating a Green Product : Pigou Meets Consumption Habits and Environmental Consciousness (with M. Herrmann and M. Roland) 

Rémi Morin-Chassé (UQAC)
The Transition to Renewable Energy

The existing economics literature neglects the important role of capacity in the production of renewable energy. To fill this gap, we construct a model in which renewable energy production is tied to renewable energy capacity, which then becomes a form of capital. This capacity capital can be increased through investment, which therefore comes at the cost of reduced  consumption. We describe how society could optimally elect to split production between immediate consumption and investment in capital. Our model delivers an empirically satisfactory  explanation for simultaneous use of non-renewable and renewable energy.  


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