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Program 2006: Natural Resources and Environmental Economics Workshop

Winter 2006  (Archives)

Location : McGill University
855 Sherbrooke West, Leacock 429 Pavillon
9:00 – 12:00

Workshop Poster

13 janvier / January 13
Responsable / In charge : Stefan AMBEC (INRA, Grenoble)
Sujet / Topic : Sharing a Resource with Concave and Single-Peak Preferences


20 janvier / January 20
Responsable / In charge : 1) Gérard GAUDET (U. de Montréal)
2) Andrei V. BAZHANOV (Far Eastern National University, Vladivostok)
Sujet / Topic : 1) The Alberta Dilemma: Optimal Sharing of a Water Resource by an Agricultural and an Oil Sector (Gaudet)
2) Some Numerical Results of the Use of a Variational Approach to Modeling of Nonrenewable Resources Depletion (Bazhanov)


27 janvier / January 27
Responsable / In charge : 1) Mehdi ZAHAF (Lakehead University)
2) Hassan BENCHEKROUN (McGill U.)
Sujet / Topic : 1) A Differential Game of Emissions Trading (Zahaf)
2) Mergers in a Common Property Renewable Resource Oligopoly (Benchekroun)

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3 février / February 3
Responsable / In charge : Graciela CHICHILNISKY (Columbia U.)
Sujet / Topic : Axioms of Choice with Rare Events: Understanding Equity Premium, and Measures of Risk in Growth and Value Investment

Bibliographie / Back up bibliography and applications :
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10 février / February 10
Responsable / In charge : 1) Ngo Van LONG (McGill U.)
2) David PEREZ CASTRILLO & Ines MACHO STADLER (U. Autonoma Barcelona)
Sujet / Topic : 1) Optimal Tariff on Exhaustible Resources
2) Optimal Enforcement Policy and Firms’ Emissions and Compliance with Environmental Taxes


17 février / February 17
Responsable / In charge : 1) Nicolas TREICH (U. de Toulouse)
2) Markus HERRMANN, Ph.D. (U. de Montréal )
Sujet / Topic : 1) Statistical vs. Identified Lives in Benefit-Cost Analysis
2) The Economic Dynamics of Antibiotic Efficiency Under Open Access


24 février / February 24
Responsable / In charge : 1) Ujjayant CHAKRAVORTY (U. of Central Florida)
2) Michel MOREAUX (U. de Toulouse)
Sujet / Topic : 1) The Economics of Biofuels
2) When Bad is Good: Heterogeneity and Nonrenewable Resource Extraction


3 mars / March 3
Responsable / In charge : 1) Amrita Ray CHAUDHURI, Ph.D. (McGill U.) (à confirmer)
2) Alain-Désiré NIMUBONA (HEC)
Sujet / Topic : 1) Environmental Policy and Mergers in a Polluting Oiligopoly
2) Environmental Taxation and its Impact on the Structure of the Eco-industry

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10 mars / March 10
Responsable / In charge : 1) Soham BAKSI (U. of Winnipeg)
2) Didier TATOUTCHOUP, Ph. D. (U. de Montréal)
Sujet / Topic : 1) Recycling with Endogenous Consumer Participation
2) Optimal Forestry Contracts With Private Information

Bibliographie / Bibliography :
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17 mars / March 17
Responsable / In charge : 1) Effrosyni DIAMANTOUDI (Concordia U.)
2) Bodhisatta SENGUPTA, Ph.D. (McGill U.)
Sujet / Topic : 1) Coalitions, Agreements and Efficiency
2) On Transfer Policy Within a Federation


24 mars / March 24
Responsable / In charge : 1) Skander BENABDALLAH, Ph.D. (UQAM)
2) Eric Akcel BAHEL, Ph.D. (U. de Montréal)
Sujet / Topic : 1) Choosing among Competing Tree Species under Price Uncertainty
2) Technological Change and Pollution: a Review of the Literature

Bibliographie / Bibliography :
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31 mars / March 31
Responsable / In charge : 1) Charles MASON (U. of Wyoming)
2) Andrew LEACH (HEC Montréal
Sujet / Topic : 1) On the Interaction of Eco-Labeling and Trade
2) Resource Extraction with Induced Innovation


7 avril / April 7
Responsable / In charge : Séance commune avec
L’Atelier sur l’allocation des ressources intergénérationnelles /
Workshop on Intergenerational Resource Allocation
(organisateurs/organisers: Walter Bossert; Yves Sprumont)

Geir ASHEIM (University of Oslo)
Walter BOSSERT (Université de Montréal, CIREQ)
Donald CAMPBELL (The College of William & Mary)
John HARTWICK (Queen’s University)
Geoffrey HEAL (Columbia University)
Ngo Van LONG (McGill University, CIREQ)
Tapan MITRA (Cornell University)
Yves SPRUMONT (Université de Montréal, CIREQ)


Sujet / Topic :


Voir/See Atelier ressources intergénérationnelles/Workshop on Intergenerational Resources.


Lieux et horaire/Location and schedule :


HEC Montréal
5255, rue Decelles, salle/room 3051
Montréal, Québec

7-8 avril/April 2006

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