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Montreal Natural Resources and Environmental Economics Workshop : Winter 2007

Winter 2007  (Archives)
Location : McGill University
855 Sherbrooke West, Leacock 429 Pavillon
9:00 – 12:00

12 janvier / January 12 
Responsable / In charge :1) Bodhisattva SENGUPTA (McGill University)
2) Amrita RAY CHAUDHURI (McGill University)
Sujet / Topic :1) Lobbying and Public Good Provision in a Federal Economy: A Dynamic Approach
2) Trade Liberalization and Endogenous Mergers: Results from a Dominant Firm Model


19 janvier / January 19 
Responsable / In charge :1) Tanguy VAN YPERSELE (Université de la Méditerranée)
2) Louis HOTTE (Université d’Ottawa)
Sujet / Topic :1) An Economic Analysis of Violent Crime
2) Pollution, Trade, and Inequality


26 janvier / January 26 
Responsable / In charge :Modification: 1) Robert CAIRNS (McGill University)
2) Yukio KARASAWA (Nanzan University, Nagoya)
3) Ngo Van LONG (McGill University)
Sujet / Topic :Modification: 1) A Unified View of Optimal Stopping
2) Resource Extraction and Endogenous Growth with Consumption Externalities
3) How To Eat Several Cakes of Unknown Sizes?


2 février / February 2 
Responsable / In charge :1) Meridith FOWLIE (University of Michigan)
2) Jean-Thomas BERNARD (Université Laval)
Sujet / Topic :1) Emissions Trading, Electricity Industry Restructuring, and Investment in Pollution Abatement
2) An Energy Demand Model with a Random Trend

Bibliographie / Bibliography :
2) HUNT, L.C., G. JUDGE and Y. NINOMIYA, «Modelling Underlying Energy Demand Trends», pp. 140-174, in L.C. Hunt (ed.), Energy in a Competitive Market, E. Elgar Publishing Co, Cheltenham, U.K., 2003.


9 février / February 9 
Responsable / In charge :1) Joan CANTON (Université de la Méditerranée)
2) Pablo DOMENECH (HEC Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Environmental regulation and mergers within the eco-industry
2) Natural Resources: a Curse or a Blessing?


16 février / February 16 
Responsable / In charge :1) Georges ZACCOUR (HEC Montréal)
2) Didier TATOUTCHOUP (CIREQ, Université de Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Incentive Mechanisms to Enforce Sustainable Forest Exploitation
2) Optimal Forestry Contracts with Private Information


23 février / February 23 
Responsable / In charge :1) Etienne de VILLEMEUR (Université de Toulouse)
2) Soham BAKSI (University of Winnipeg)
3) Eric BAHEL (CIREQ, Université de Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Environmental Taxation and Nonrenewable Resources
2) Production Externalities, Environmental Taxes, and the Gains from Trade
3) The Implications of the Ranking Axiom for Discrete Cost Sharing Methods


2 mars / March 2 
Responsable / In charge :1) Yann BRAMOULLÉ (Université Laval) (avec Nicolas Treich)
2) Markus HERRMANN (CIREQ, Université de Montréal)
3) Shengzu WANG (McGill)
Sujet / Topic :1) Can Uncertainty Alleviate the Commons Problem?
2) The Economic Dynamics of Antibiotic Efficiency under Open Access
3) Political Economy Aspects of the Resource Booming: A Dutch Disease Redux


9 mars / March 9 
Responsable / In charge :

1) Martin D. HEINTZELMAN (Clarkson University)
2) Walid MARROUCH (HEC Montréal)

Sujet / Topic :1) Referenda and Property Values
2) Soil Erosion & Spatial Instruments in a Riverway Ecosystem


16 mars / March 16 
Responsable / In charge :1) Johnson KAKEU (CIREQ, Université de Montréal)
2) Jérémy LUCCHETTI (HEC Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Estimation of the Hotelling Rule under Stochastic Investment Opportunities
2) Localization of a Public Good with Local Externalities: Fair Division of the Collective Welfare
3) Social Norm Equilibria with an Application to Local Interaction and Imperfect Observability


23 mars / March 23 
Responsable / In charge :1) James WILSON (Université du Québec à Rimouski)
2) Alain-Désiré NIMUBONA (HEC Montréal)
3) Octave KEUTIBEN (CIREQ, Université de Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Micro-economic Efficiencies and Macro-economic Inefficiencies:
On Renewable Resource Policies in Very Poor Countries
2) Environmental Taxation with Trade Liberalization in Environmental Goods and Services
3) On Capturing Foreign Oil Rents


30 mars / March 30 
Responsable / In charge :1) Gérard GAUDET (Université de Montréal) et Pierre LASSERRE (UQÀM)
3) Louise LAVOIE (UQÀM)
Sujet / Topic :1) Exhaustible Resource Extraction under Uncertainty: Extracting the least cost deposit before the high cost one may not be optimal
2) Real Options Approach in Forest Management to Protect an Endangered Species
3) Cake Eating and Pension: When Life Style Aspects the Length of the Meal

7 avril / April 7
Congé de Pâques: pas d’atelier/
Easter Holliday: no workshop


13 avril / April 13 
Responsable / In charge :1) Scott TAYLOR (University of Calgary)
2) Charles MASON (University of Wyoming)
Sujet / Topic :1) Buffalo Hunt: International Trade and the Virtual Extinction of the North American Bison
2) Cooperation on Climate Change Mitigation

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