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Montreal Natural Resources and Environmental Economics Workshop : Winter 2008

Winter 2008  (Archives)
Location : McGill University
855 Sherbrooke West, Leacock 429 Pavillon
9:00 – 12:00

Workshop Poster 

11 janvier / January 11 
Responsable / In charge :1) John Hartwick (Queen’s University)
2) Robert Cairns (McGill University)
Sujet / Topic :1) Declining Exhaustible Resource Rent with Small, Distinct Extractive Firms
2) Sustainable Development of Easter Island


18 janvier / January 18 
Responsable / In charge :1) Guiomar Martìn-Herràn (Universidad de Valladolid)
2) Joan Canton (Université d’Ottawa)
Sujet / Topic :1) Property Rights for Natural Resources and Sustainable Growth in a Two-Country Trade Model
2) Redealing the cards: how an eco-industry modifies the political economy of environmental taxes


25 janvier / January 25 
Responsable / In charge :1) Vincent Boucher et Yann Bramoullé (Université Laval)
2) Jérémy Luchetti (HEC Montr eal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Risk Aversion and International Environmental Agreements
2) Choosing and Sharing


1 février / February 1 
Responsable / In charge :1) Pablo Andrès Domenech (HEC Montréal)
2) Lucia Sbragia (GERAD, HEC Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Forest Conservation and CO2 emissions: a Viability Approach
2) Dynamic models for international environmental agreements


8 février / February 8 
Responsable / In charge :1) Johnson Kakeu (Université de Montréal)
2) Skander Ben Abdallah et Pierre Lasserre (UQAM)
3) Sophie Legras (GERAD)
Sujet / Topic :1) Quest for the Top Status and Global Warming
2) Harvest age, species choice, and uncertainty in forestry
3) Coupled markets for coupled externalities : water management in the context of irrigation-induced salinity


15 février / February 15 
Responsable / In charge :1) John Janmaat (University of British Columbia, Okanagan)
2) Ngo Van Long (McGill University)
Sujet / Topic :1) Fishing in a Shallow Lake: A Case for Effort Controls
2) Relative Consumption and Resource Extraction under Perfect Property Rights
(addedum : notes)


22 février / February 22 
Responsable / In charge :1) Georges Zaccour (GERAD, HEC Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Sustainability of cooperation in differential games (A tutorial)


29 février / February 29 
Responsable / In charge :1) Carolyn Fischer (Resources for the Future)
2) Louise Lavoie (UQAM)
3) Didier Tatoutchoup (Université de Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Competing Environmental Labels
2) Lifestyles and Risk on Health and Longevity
3) The impact of paper recycling on the stock of trees


7 mars / March 7 
Responsable / In charge :1) Marie-Hélène Hubert (University of Victoria)
2) Barnabé Djegnéné (Université de Montréal)
3) Eric Bahel (Université de Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Land-use, land-use changes and biological carbon sequestration
2) Agricultural Cooperatives Reputation and Endogenous Membership in Mixed Duopsonies
3) Optimal management of strategic reserves of nonrenewable natural resources


14 mars / March 14 
Responsable / In charge :1) Walid Marrouch (HEC Montréal)
2) Denis Claude (GERAD, HEC Montréal)
3) Markus Herrmann (Université Laval)
Sujet / Topic :1) A Trade-Environment Coalitional Game: WTO versus Kyoto
2) Pollution accumulation and the greening of consumption: notes on the design of the optimal tax policy
3) Monopoly Pricing of an Antibiotic Subject to Bacterial Resistance


21 mars / March 21 
 Congé de Pâques / Easter break


28 mars / March 28 
Responsable / In charge :1) Sjak Smulders (University of Calgary and Tilburg University)
2) Hassan Benchekroun (McGill University)
Sujet / Topic :1) Endogenous technological change and the cost of environmental policy
2) On the equivalence of open-loop and feedback Nash equilibrium in an oligopoly on the market for a nonrenewable resource (paper2)


4 avril / April 4 
Responsable / In charge :1) Yevenunye Keoula (HEC Montreal)
2) Calvin Atewamba (Université de Montréal)
3) Samer Atallah (McGill University)
Sujet / Topic :1) Living with the curse of dimensionality: Closed-loop optimization in a large-scale fisheries simulation model
2) On using average extraction cost data to estimate the Hotelling rule
3) Choice of Market Instruments with Strategic Firms

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11 avril / April 11 
Responsable / In charge :1) Bruno Nkuiya (Université de Montréal)
2) Eric Dufresne (UQAM)
3) Octave Keutiben (Université de Montréal)
Sujet / Topic :1) Asymmetry and self-enforcing International Environmental Agreement
2) A review of discounting in the context of climate change
3) A Spatial Model of International Trade in Exhaustible Resources: Welfare, Trade Policy and Rent Sharing


9 mai / May 9 
Responsable / In charge :1) Aart de Zeeuw (Tilburg University)
2) Stephen Salant (University of Michigan)
Sujet / Topic :1) The Economics of Shallow Lakes
2) Willpower and the Optimal Control of Visceral Urges

Bibliographie / Bibliography :
1) Maler, K.G., Zepapadeas A., De Zeeuw, A. “The Economics of Shallow Lakes”, Environmental and Resource Economics 26: 603–624, 2003.
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