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Program 2012: Natural Resources and Environmental Economics Workshop

Winter 2012 (Archives)

Location : École des sciences de la gestion
315 Ste-Catherine Street East (west corner of St-Denis Street), Room R-5460
Time : 9:00 – 12:00

Affiche de l’atelier

January 13

In charge :
1) Charles Séguin (University of California, Berkeley)
2) Julien Daubanes (ETH Zurich) with Lisa Leinert (CER, ETH Zurich)

Topic :
1) Optimal Management of a Stochastic Stock Pollutant with Non-Convex Feedback : An Application to Climate Change
2) Optimum Tariffs on Exhaustible Resources : Theory and Evidence for Gasoline

January 20

In charge :
1) Vincent Martinet (INRA, Grignon) with Ngo van Long (McGill University)
2) Saraly Andrade de Sá (ETH Zurich)

Topic :
1) Combining Rights and Welfarism : A New Approach to Intertemporal Evaluation of Social Alternatives
2) Limit-Pricing Oil Monopolies when Demand is Inelastic, Resource Taxation and Substitutes Subsidies

January 27

In charge :
1) Bruno Nkuiya (Université Laval) with Walid Marrouch (Lebanese American University) & Eric Bahel (Virginia Tech)
2) John Hartwick (Queen’s University)

Topic :
1) International Environmental Agreements under Endogenous Uncertainty
2a) New Product Introduction and Market Evolution
2b) L.C. Gray on Exhaustibility, 1916

February 3

In charge :
1) Markus Pivato (Trent University)
2) Étienne de Villemeur (Université de Lille I)

Topic :
1) A Fair Pivotal Mechanism for Nonpecuniary Public Goods
2) Pricing Water

February 10

In charge :
1) Farnaz Taherkhani (McGill University)
2) Skander Ben Abdallah (Université du Québec à Montréal) with Pierre Lasserre (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Topic :
1) Climate Change Mitigation : Changes in Pollution Damage Cost under Environmental Agreements
2) Alternative and Indefinitely Repeated Investments : Species Choice and Harvest Age in Forestry

February 17

In charge :
1) John Janmaat (University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus)
2) Anthony Heyes (Université d’Ottawa)

Topic :
1) Green with Lawn Envy : Spatial Variation of Water Demand in Kelowna, British Columbia
2) Community Pressure for Green Behavior

February 24

In charge :
1) Soham Baksi (University of Winnipeg)
2) Halis Yildiz (Ryerson University) with Ida Ferrra & Paul Missios

Topic :
1) Environmental Regulation in the Presence of an Endogenous Informal Sector
2) Foreign Direct Investment and the Choice of Environmental Policy 


March 2

In charge :
1) Philippe Barla (Université Laval)
2) Markus Hermann (Université Laval)

Topic :
1) Energy Efficiency Policy in a Non-Cooperative World
2) Managing Pest Resistance to Bt Crops with Dynamic Refuge Size Adjustments

March 9

In charge :
1) Stefan Ambec (Toulouse School of Economics)
2) Yazid Dissou (Université d’Ottawa)

Topic :
1) Regulation via the Polluter-Pays Principle
2) Regional Burden Sharing of GHG Mitigation Policies : A Canadian Perspective

March 16

In charge :
1) Isabel Galiana (McGill University)
2) Sylvie Ferrari (Université de Bordeaux IV)

Topic :
1) Low-Carbon Technology R&D : Public and Private Cost-Sharing
2) Critical Natural Capital, Ecological Resilience and Sustainable Wetland Management : A French Case Study

March 23

In charge :
1) Fatemeh Behzadnejad (McGill University)
2) Puduru Viswanadha Reddy (GERAD, HEC Montreal)

Topic :
1) Oligopolistic Competition in Exhaustible Resource Market : A Numerical Approach
2) Optimal Management and Differential Games in the Presence of Threshold Effects – The Shallow Lake Model

March 30

In charge :
1) Dina Tasneem (McGill University)
2) Eleftherios Filippiadis (Concordia University)
3) Pablo Andrés Domenech (GERAD & HEC Montréal)

Topic :
1) TBA
2) The Environmental Kuznets Curve in a Multicountry
3) Sustainability of the Dry Forest in Androy : A Viability Analysis

April 6

Easter Break

Thursday, April 19, 15:00

In charge :
1) Robert Pindyck (MIT)

Topic :
1) Risk and Return in Environmental EconomicsPresentation

April 20

In charge :
1) Mabel Tidbal (Université de Montpellier)
2) Cees Withagen (VU University Amsterdam)

Topic :
1) (Anti-)Coordination Problems with Sparse Water Resource
2) Growth, Renewables and the Optimal Carbon Tax


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