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Montreal Natural Resources and Environmental Economics Workshop : Winter 2015

Joint with : the departments of economics of the universities of MontréalQuébec à MontréalMcGill and HEC Montréal

Organizers : Hassan Benchekroun (McGill U.), Robert Cairns (McGill U.), Gérard Gaudet (U. de Montréal), Pierre Lasserre (UQAM), Justin Leroux (HEC Montréal), Ngo Van Long (McGill U.) & Charles Séguin (UQAM)

Location : Redpath Museum, McGill University, 859 Sherbrooke Street West, room 200

Time : 9:30 – 12:30  

Winter 2015 – Workshop Poster

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16 janvier 2015

Katheline Schubert (Maison des Sciences Économiques)
Should We Extract More Shale Gas? The Effect of Climate and Financial Constraints
Cees Withagen (VU University)
A Unified Theory of Carbon Capture and Adaptation Policies for Climate Change
23 janvier 2015

Steve Martin (University of Ottawa)
NGO Labels
Karen Pittel (CESifo Group Munich)
The Implications of Energy Input Flexibility for a Resource Dependent Economy 
30 janvier 2015

Jie He (Université de Sherbrooke)
The Role of Trade in Carbon Leakage : Evidence from Spatial Econometric Models
Saraly Andrade de Sa (ETH Zurich)
Optimal Pro-Biofuel Policies with Land-Use Inertia
Ilyass Dahmouni (HEC Montréal)
Time Consistent Fishery Management under Pollution Control
6 février 2015

Julien Daubanes (ETH Zürich)
Limit-Pricing and the (In)Effectiveness of the Carbon Tax

Michèle Breton (HEC Montréal)
Pollution Accumulation and Environmental Damage : The Impact of Strategic Learning
13 février 2015

Chris Ragan (McGill University)
Ecofiscal Policies for a Better Economy and Environment

Sébastien Debia (GERAD) (avec David Benatia et Pierre-Olivier Pineault)
Evaluating the CHPE Interconnection Project : Does Strategic Interactions Matters?

20 février 2015

Marc Santugini (HEC Montréal)
Property Rights, Competitive Markets, and the Use of a Polluting Technology on Resource Extraction
Stefan Behringer (Universität Duisburg-Essen)
Optimal Harvesting of a Spatial Renewable Resource

27 février 2015

Ida Ferrara (York University)
Consumption Externalities, Product Quality, and the Role of National Treatment
Linda Nostbakken (Norwegian School of Economics) (avec Martino Pelli & Itziar Lazkano)
From Fossil Fuels to Renewables : The Role of Electricity Storage  

6 mars 2015

Du 1er au 7 mars : période d’études
13 mars 2015

Soodeh Saberian (University of Ottawa)
Behavioral Impacts of Air Quality Alerts : Cycling and Ozone Alerts in Sydney
Sophie Bernard (Polytechnique Montréal)
Design Choices and Environmental Policies

20 mars 2015

Martino Pelli (Université de Sherbrooke)
Groundwater Depletion Near Roads in the North China Plains 
Guillaume Lord (McGill University)
Sectoral International Environmental Agreements with Asymmetric Production Costs

Didier Adjakidje (Université de Montréal)
Willingness to Pay and Effectiveness in the Design of an Efficient REDD+ Mechanism
27 mars 2015

John Hartwick (Queen’s University)
Public Goods, Taxation and Laffer Curves
François Castonguay (UQAM)
Optimal Resource Royalty Contract with Unknown Exploration and Extraction Cost
3 avril 2015

10 avril 2015

Justin Leroux (HEC Montréal)
Track-and-Trade : A Liability Approach to Climate Policy
Louis Hotte (Université d’Ottawa)
Comparative Advantage under Uncertainty and Subsistence Consumption
17 avril 2015

Steve Salant (University of Michigan)
Private Access Fees and Congestion : Is There a Role for the Government After All?
Vincent Martinet (INRA)
Sustainability of an Economy Relying on Two Renewable Assets

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