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Special Workshop in Honour of Pierre Lasserre

Workshop Site

Université de Sherbrooke
2500 boul. de l’Université
Sherbrooke, QC

Pre-conference to the 25th meetings of the Canadian Resource and Environmental Economists (CREE), Université de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, Québec)

9:00 Opening
9:15 Julien Daubanes (CER-ETH)
National Taxation in International Permit Markets
10:00 Stephen W. Salant (University of Michigan), Xueying Yu
Forest Loss, Monetary Compensation, and Delayed Re-planting : The Effects of Unpredictable Land Tenure in China
10:45 Break
11:15 Didier Tatoutchoup (University of Moncton)
Forestry Auctions with Interdependent Values : Evidence from Timber Auctions
12:00 Robert Cairns (McGill University)
Non-Marketed Investments, Before and After
12:45 Lunch
14:15 Louis Hotte (Université d’Ottawa), Julius D. Oloufade (Université d’Ottawa)
State Capacity and the Enforcement of Property Rights in the Natural Resource Sector
15:00 Markus Herrmann (Université Laval), Bruno Nkuiya (University of California at Santa Barbara)
Endogenous Substitution between Antibiotics under Open Access to the Resource of Antibiotic Susceptibility
15:45 Alexandre Croutzet (UQAM)
Overlapping Generations, Natural Resources and The Optimal Quality of Property Rights
16:30 Closing Departure for CREE reception

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