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CIRANO-CIREQ-CREEI Conference on New Research and Policy Perspectives on Inequality and Poverty


This event will include a unique blend of cutting-edge policy and academic perspectives, aiming to shed light on one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

The core of the conference will consist of nine presentations of frontier research on inequality. Presentations will cover a wide range of topics related to inequality and poverty, and can include empiricaltheoretical, and quantitative approaches.

The conference will conclude with an interactive round table, which will bring together experts and participants to engage in a comprehensive dialogue and explore potential solutions.


1130, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, suite 1400
Montréal (Québec) H3A 2M8
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This event is free and is open to anyone interested in the topic. Due to limited seating, however, registration is required.


8 h 15 – 8 h 30
Welcome and breakfast
8 h 30 – 8 h 35
Welcoming remarks
8 h 35 – 9 h 15
Fighting Inequality: What’s new?
Joana Silva
9 h 15 – 9 h 55
The Effects of Public Housing on Children: Evidence from a National Experiment in Colombia
Valentina Duque
9 h 55 – 10 h 35
The Effects of Layoffs on Opioid Use and Abuse
David Price
10 h 35 – 10 h 50
10 h 50 – 11 h 30
Responses to Negative Information: Insights from Grade Repetition
Gabrielle Vasey
11 h 30 – 12 h 10
The Colocation Friction: Dual-Earner Job Search and Labor Market Outcomes
Hanno Foerster
12 h 10 – 13 h 10
Lunch and Doctoral and post-doctoral students’ Posters
Hajar El Khoudri, Abdel-Hamid Bello, Giacomo Rella, Frank Yang, Mahmut Ablay
13 h 10 – 13 h 50
Ageing and Employment Policies: Key Challenges, Lessons and Good Practices
Andrew Aitken
13 h 50 – 14 h 30
Parental Investments and Socio-Economic Gradients in Learning across European Countries
Hugo Reis
14 h 30 – 14 h 45
14 h 45 – 15 h 25
Some Like It Hot: Monetary Policy Under Okun’s Hypothesis
Felipe Alves
15 h 25 – 16 h 05
The Life Cycle Dynamics of Wealth Mobility
Richard Audoly
16 h 05 – 16 h 20
16 h 20 – 17 h 35
Round Table – Exploring the Various Facets of Inequality
Marie Connolly, Joana Silva, Andrew Aitken, Guy Lacroix
17 h 35 – 21 h 30
Conference dinner (invitation only)


Mahmut Ablay
Candidat au Doctorat, Université McGill
Andrew Aitken
Économiste, Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques
Felipe Alves
Economiste Senior, Banque du Canada
Richard Audol
Economiste chercheur, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Abdel-Hamid Bello
Candidat au Doctorat, Université Laval
Marie Connolly
Chercheuse et Fellow CIRANO
Professeur titulaire, UQAM
Valentina Duque
Professeure adjointe, American University
Hajar El Khoudri
Étudiante (Ph.D.), Université Laval

Hanno Foerster
Professeur adjoint, Boston College

Raquel Fonseca
Chercheuse et Fellow CIRANO & CIREQ
Professeure titulaire, UQAM
Guy Lacroix
Chercheur et Fellow CIRANO & CIREQ
Professeur titulaire, Université Laval
Markus Poschke
Chercheur et Fellow CIRANO & CIREQ
Professeur agrégé, Université McGill
David Price
Professeur adjoint, Université de Toronto
Hugo Reis
Économiste chercheur, Banque du Portugal
Giacomo Rella
Chercheur postdoctoral, ESG-UQAM
Joana Silva
Économiste sénior, The World Bank
Gabrielle Vasey
Professeure adjointe, Concordia University
Frank Yang
Étudiand (PhD), Université McGill


Raquel Fonseca (UQAM & CIREQ)
Nicholas Gendron-Carrier (Université McGill & CIREQ)
Andrei Munteanu (UQAM)
Markus Poschke (Université McGill & CIREQ)

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