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CIREQ Econometrics Conference in Honor of Jean-Marie Dufour

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Hôtel de l’Institut
3535, rue Saint-Denis, 6th floor
Montréal (Québec) H2X 3P1 – Canada

Tribute to Jean-Marie Dufour

Tune: Eye of the Tiger, composed by Frankie Sullivan and Jim Peterik
Lyrics written by Victoria Zinde-Walsh
Arranged for synthesized instruments and sung by Timothy Walsh


Financial Support

The organizers wish to thank the following sponsors for their financial support:


Registration is now closed. (2016-04-26)


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Md. Nazmul Ahsan (McGill University)

Christian Bontemps (ENAC, Toulouse School of Economics)

Marine Carrasco (Université de Montréal, CIRANO, CIREQ)

Firmin Doko Tchatoka (University of Adelaide)

Mohamed Doukali (Université de Montréal, CIREQ)

Jean-Jacques Forneron (Columbia University)

René Garcia (EDHEC Business School)

Christian Gouriéroux (University of Toronto, CREST)

Alastair Hall (University of Manchester)

Andrew Hencic (York University)

Bixi Jian (McGill University)

Lynda Khalaf (Carleton University)

Frank Kleibergen (University of Amsterdam)

Ivana Komunjer (University of California at San Diego)

Richard Luger (Université Laval)

James MacKinnon (Queen’s University)

Sophocles Mavroeidis (Oxford University)

Nour Meddahi (Toulouse School of Economics)

Marcelo Moreira (Fundação Getúlio Vargas)

Ada Nayihouba (Université de Montréal, CIREQ)

Serena Ng (Columbia University)

Vinh Nguyen (McGill University)

Benoit Perron (Université de Montréal, CIRANO, CIREQ)

Dalibor Stevanovic (UQAM)

James Stock (Harvard University)

Abderrahim Taamouti (Durham University)

Purevdorj Tuvaandorj (ENSAI)

Aman Ullah (University of California at Riverside)

Pascale Valéry (HEC Montréal)

Ke-Li Xu (Texas A&M University)


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