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CIREQ Applied Economics Conference

Firms in the Labour Market, Earnings Inequality and Labour Market Power


The 2022 edition of the conference will focus on issues in labour economics. There will be eight presentations around the themes of firms in the labour market, earnings inequality, and labour market power.


Conference Venue

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Hôtel de l’Institut
3535, rue Saint-Denis
6th floor
Montréal (Québec)


Keynote Speaker

Patrick Kline (Economics, University of California, Berkeley)



Sydnee Caldwell (Haas School of Business (Economic Analysis and Policy group); Economics, University of California, Berkeley)

Niklas Engbom (New York University, Stern School of Business)


Joao Galindo da Fonseca (sciences économiques, Université de Montreal & CIREQ)
Nicolas Gendron-Carrier (Economics, McGill University & CIREQ)

Émilien Gouin-Bonenfant (Economics, Columbia University)

Patrick Kline (keynote speaker, Economics, University of California, Berkeley)
Kory Kroft (Economics, University of Toronto) 



Registration for this event is free but required.

The registration period is now closed. (2022-09-02)


The program is available here.


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