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General Information about Visiting Fellows

  • Every year, CIREQ finances your visitors for a total of two weeks (one visitor for two weeks or two visitors for one week each). They are required to present a seminar or a CIREQ workshop. The Center does not finance speakers who only come to give a seminar and stay for 1 or 2 days.
  • In June, the Center sends you a form in which you have to indicate who you plan to invite for the upcoming year. A list of visitors is then prepared and submitted to the director for approval.
  • If you foresee inviting researchers for more than two weeks, you have to first discuss it with Emanuela Cardia. During the year, other visitors can also be added to the preliminary list if the budget allows it, upon agreement with Emanuela Cardia.
  • Once approved, you have to inform Mélanie Chartrand (melanie.chartrand@umontreal.ca) of the dates of their stay as soon as they have been established and possibly the date and title of their seminar.
  • Upon confirmation of your visitor’s stay: 1) we make a hotel reservation; 2) we send him/her an invitation letter with specific funding conditions; 3) his/her name appears on the Web (https://cireqmontreal.com/viewer?cat=3).  We ask you to avoid inviting your visitors during the Grand Prix Montreal F1 period because there is a considerable increase in the hotel rates at that time.

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