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Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services in Productivity Measurement

Montréal Environment and Resource Economics Workshop
joint with the departments of economics of the universities of  MontréalQuébec à Montréal, McGill and HEC Montréal

Leacock 927 (McGill University, 855 Sherbrooke Street West)

Organizer : Hassan Benchekroun (McGill U.)



This project aims to significantly advance the understanding of sources of productivity growth through addressing theoretical and practical problems in the economics of natural resources and ecosystem services. A key issue is the valuation of non-renewable resources and ecosystem services, acknowledging their contributions to economic activity and the impact on national income from their depletion and degradation. This then leads to new approaches to incorporating natural resource depletion and degradation into productivity analysis. Theory and practice for aggregate, regional and industry level analysis will be developed with the goal of better informing environmental, innovation and industry policy.

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