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2007-2008 CIREQ-McGill Seminars

CIREQ-McGill Seminars 2007-2008
McGill University, 855 Sherbrooke West, Leacock 429

joint with the Department of Economics,McGill University

Vendredi 9 mai/ Friday, May 9, 2008
Olivier TERCIEUX (Paris-Jourdan Sciences Economiques)
Continuous Implementation
Responsable:T. Kunimoto

Lundi 5 mai / Monday, May 5, 2008, 12:00
Vincent MARTINET (INRA et U. de Paris X)
Achieving Sustainability: Slowly or Costly?
Responsable: Robert Cairns

Vendredi 25 avril/ Friday, April 25, 2008
Mark STABILE (Toronto U.)
Does Family Income Affect the Wellbeing of Children? Evidence from Canadian Child Benefit Expansions
Responsable: E. Strumpf 514-398-2880

Vendredi 18 avril / Friday, April 18, 2008, 13:00 (Bronfman 620, 1001 Sherbrooke Ouest)
Michel WEDEL (Robert H. Smith SoB, U. of Maryland)
My Mobile Music: An Adaptive Personalization System for Digital Audio Players
Responsable: Ulf Bockenholt
(conjoint avec/joint with the Faculty of Management)

Vendredi 11 avril/ Friday, April 11, 2008
Paola GIULIANO (Harvard U.)
Growing Up In Bad Times: Macroeconomic Volatility and the Formation of Beliefs
Responsable: W. Watson

Vendredi 4 avril/ Friday, April 4, 2008
Kosali SIMON (Cornell U.)
Medicare prescription drug program (Part D)
Responsable: E. Strumpf 514-398-2880

Vendredi 28 mars/ Friday, March 28, 2008
Enrichetta RAVINA (Stern U.)
Love & Loans. The Effect of Beauty and Personal Characteristics in Credit Markets
Responsables: F. Alvarez-Cuadrado, M. Poschke

Vendredi 14 mars/ Friday, March 14, 2008
Nathaniel BAUM-SNOW (Brown U.)
School Desegregation, School Choice and Urban Population Decentralization
Responsable: L. Brooks

Vendredi 7 mars/ Friday, March 7, 2008
Carol SHIUE (Colorado U.)
Human Capital and Fertility in Chinese Clans, 1300-1850
Responsables: M. MacKinnon, D. Sutthiphisal

Lundi 3 mars/ Monday, March 3, 2008
Price FISHBACK (Arizona U.)
Does Large-Scale Military Spending Stimulate Local Economies? The Implications of WWII Spending for Local Economic Activity, 1939-1958
Responsables: M. MacKinnon, D. Sutthiphisal

Vendredi 22 février/ Friday, February 22, 2008
Huw LLOYD-ELLIS (Queen’s U.)
Schumpeterian Cycles with Procyclical R&D
Responsable: M. Poschke

Vendredi 18 janvier / Friday, January 18, 2008
Amartya LAHIRI (UBC))
Endogenous Productivity and Development Accounting
Responsable: E. Strumpf 514-398-2880

Vendredi 30 novembre / Friday, November 30
Gillian HAMILTON (Toronto U.)
Economic Status and Reproductive Success in New France
Responsable: D. Sutthiphisal 514-398-5500

Jeudi 29 novembre / Thursday, November 29 (Bronfman 625, 15:00)
Christophe VAN DEN BULTE (U. Penn., Wharton)
Two-Stage Partial Observability Models of Innovation Adoption
Responsable : Ulf Bockenholt

Jeudi 22 novembre / Thursday, November 22
Daniel LEONARD (Flinders U., Australia)
Is Emulation Good for You? The Ups and Downs of Rivalry

Lundi 19 novembre / Monday, November 19, 12:00
Cees WITHAGEN (Tilburg U.)
Oligopoly on the Market for a Nonrenewable Resource: Open-Loop and Feedback Nash Equilibrium

Vendredi 16 novembre / Friday, November 16
Simon ANDERSON (U. of Virginia)
Shouting to be Heard in Advertising
Responsable: M. Sinitsyn 514-398-2069

Vendredi 9 novembre / Friday, November 9
Aloysius SIOW (Toronto U.)
Marriage Matching and Intrahousehold Allocations
Responsable: D. Parent 514-398-4846

Vendredi 2 novembre / Friday, November 2
Damon CLARK (U. of Florida)
Selective Schools and Academic Achievement
Responsable: D. Parent 514-398-4846

Jeudi 1 novembre / Thursday, November 1, 12:00
Maurizio ZANARDI (U. Libre de Bruxelles)
Fast Track Authority and International Trade Negotiations
Responsable: H. Benchekroun

Vendredi 19 octobre / Friday, October 19
Ian KEAY (Queen’s U.)
Explaining Regional Variation in Industrial Performance: Evidence from North American Manufacturing Establishments in 1870/71
Responsables: M. MacKinnon 514-398-8963 & D. Sutthiphisal 514-398-5500

Vendredi 12 octobre / Friday, October 12
Kimitoshi SATO (Rikkyo U.)
Cooling the Metropolis: An Economic Analysis to Alleviate Urban Heat Island
Responsable: C. Green 514-398-4830

Vendredi 5 octobre / Friday, October 5
Susan DYNARSKI (Harvard U.)
The Lengthening of Childhood
Responsable: J. Hunt 514-398-6866

Mercredi 3 octobre / Wednesday, October 3, 15:30 (Local TBA)
Joint Economics/Social Statistics Workshop
Shigeo HIRANO (New York U.)
Do Individual Representatives Influence Government Transfers? Evidence from Japan
Responsable: L. Brooks 514-398-3973

Mardi 2 octobre / Tuesday, October 2, 15:30 (Bronfman 501)
Wolfgang JANK (Robert H Smith SB, U. of Maryland)
Functional Shape Analysis to Forecast Box-Office Revenue using Virtual Stock Exchanges
Responsable : Ulf Bockenholt

Vendredi 28 septembre / Friday, September 28
David CARD (U. of California/Berkeley)
Tipping and the Dynamics of Segregation
Responsable: D. Parent 514-398-4846

Vendredi 21 septembre / Friday, September 21, 14:00 (Leacock 429)
David ALBOUY (Michigan U.)
The Wage Gap between Francophones and Anglophones: A Canadian Perspective, 1970 to 2000
Responsable: J.W. Galbraith 514-398-8964

Vendredi 21 septembre / Friday, September 21, 15:30 (Leacock 517)
Susan WOLCOTT (Binghamton U.)
Microfinance in Colonial India
Responsable: G.W. Grantham 514-398-4841

Vendredi 14 septembre / Friday, September 14
Noritsugu NAKANISHI (Kobe U.)
Stability of Price Leadership Cartel with Endogenous Pricing
Responsable: T. Kunimoto 514-398-2237

Vendredi 7 septembre / Friday, September 7
Amitabh CHANDRA (Harvard U.)
Some Economics of Treatment Disparities in Healthcare
Responsable: J. Hunt



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