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years since its creation

CIREQ is a leading research center for quantitative research in economics and related social sciences. It is committed to promoting research in different areas of economics to achieve a deeper understanding of the economy and the challenges of economic growth.


Created in 2002, it has established its international reputation through its numerous annual conferences, workshops, and its visitor program. The Center covers a wide variety of topics relevant to society, with significant cross-discipline interactions and collaborations. It conducts research in a wide range of fields, including macroeconomics, quantitative methods, theory, health economics, and environmental economics. Its researchers address key problems facing society today, like aging, unemployment, inequality, and climate change, with research organized in six thematic, but strongly interconnected axes:

Our Conferences

As part of its activities, the Center organizes and financially supports workshops and conferences in all fields of economics and related social sciences, including:


Due to the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to address complex real-world problems, such as climate change, poverty, inequality, and health care, the Center has put in place a series of roundtables and workshops to encourage exchanges and collaborations across disciplines.

Our Students

The Center stands out in particular through the creation of its annual Ph.D. Students’ Conferences. Furthermore, it plays an important role in the departments’ graduate programs.

CIREQ Funding

In recognition of their financial support, CIREQ thanks the following contributors:

The Director

Emanuela Cardia

Université de Montréal

The Scientific Committee

Sophie Bernard

Polytechnique Montréal

Marine Carrasco

Université de Montréal

Prosper Dovonon

Concordia University

Jean-Marie Dufour

McGill University

Lars Ehlers

Université de Montréal

Tatyana Koreshkova

Tatyana Koreshkova

Concordia University

Fabian Lange

Fabian Lange

McGill University

Markus Poschke

McGill University

Victoria Zinde-Walsh

McGill University

Advisory Committee

Jean-Sébastien Fontaine

Senior Research Advisor, Bank of Canada

Marjolaine Gauthier-Loiselle

Vice President, Analysis Group

Constant Lonkeng Ngouana

Deputy Division Chief and Mission Chief, International Monetary Fund