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CANCELLED : Economics of Aging Conference

This event is jointly organized by the Research Chair in Intergenerational Economics, the Retirement and Savings Institute, the CIREQ and CIRANO. More details to come.

Old age is often associated with lower income and labour supply, and with higher medical and long-term care needs. As population ages, this creates challenges both for society and individuals. For society, rising pension spending and health and long-term care demand puts strain on public finances and health care systems, making the need to design efficient policies more urgent. Individuals and their families must often struggle with achieving sufficient savings, balancing work and care for the elderly, and deciding the right time to retire, the right type of care to use and the right risk-management products to cope with longevity, medical and long-term care risks. 

This workshop will gather international and national scientists studying the economics of ageing. It will focus on applied work related to ageing, including the following general themes: 

  • the evaluation of public programs and policies for the elderly and their caregivers;
  • the provision of medical and long-term care services;
  • savings, insurance and portfolio choices in retirement;
  • intergenerational time and monetary transfers;
  • labour supply and retirement behaviours;
  • the labour market consequences of ageing;
  • the macroeconomic consequences of population ageing.


Conference Venue

1130, Sherbrooke Ouest, suite 1400
Montréal, Québec



Registration is free but required : TBA.



The preliminary program will be available in a few weeks.



Naoki Aizawa (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Antoine Bommier (ETH Zurich)

Andrew Caplin (New York University)

Liran Einav (Standford University)

Martin Hackmann (UCLA)

John Bailey Jones (FRB Richmond)

Amanda Michaud (Minneaoplis Fed – University of Western Ontario)

Corina Mommaerts (University of Wisconsin-Madison),

Cormac O’Dea (Yale University)



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